Founded in 1971, Los Angeles-based Chelsea Management Company is an established and experienced Registered Investment Advisor, providing investment advisory services and independent investment counsel to institutional and individual investors with a long-term strategic and thematic viewpoint.

Our experienced team of investment experts adheres to a disciplined strategy designed to achieve superior results in up markets, while preserving capital during market downturns. As an independent firm, we work to maximize outcomes solely for our clients. It is this type unbiased counsel that allows us to serve our clients best.

Why Chelsea Investment Management?

Our independent investment thinking is led by an executive team with decades client-focused investment counsel and investment management experience.


Our sole mission is to help clients achieve their investment objectives by maximizing risk-adjusted returns through effective portfolio risk management.



The average industry tenure of our managers is a 31 years, with 16 years at Chelsea. This continuity and stability has enabled the firm to seek superior client results.


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We look forward to meeting today’s unprecedented investment challenges with experience, discipline, and patience.

Chelsea Management Company Celebrates 50 Years

In 1971, our founder, Fred Ruopp, Sr., left Lehman Brothers in New York to move back to California and start Chelsea Management Company. His vision was based on providing truly independent investment advisory services to clients with long-term goals and perspectives. Embodying his own qualities of conservative investing, respect, diligence and faith, Chelsea Management has retained these guiding principles to this day.

Now, fifty years after a painting in his office of the Chelsea district of London prompted our name, we look back on his accomplishments with a continuing belief in his ethics, commitment and vision. To commemorate and honor this important milepost, we have added a gold border to our logo—1971 to 2021.

Best regards,
Fred Ruopp, Jr.