Our mission is to help clients achieve their investment objectives by maximizing risk-adjusted returns through effective portfolio risk management.

Chelsea Management Company seeks to accomplish this by thoroughly understanding client needs, objectives, and risk profile in applying time-tested, experience-driven strategies for growing, protecting and preserving assets. We seek to achieve this goal through constant and intensive research of individual equities and fixed-income securities.

Chelsea Management Company was founded in 1971 by Frederick Ruopp to provide investment counsel to individual and institutional clients. As CEO, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer from the firm’s inception to the time of his death in 2019, Mr. Ruopp guided the firm’s growth to more than $600 million in assets under management. He is succeeded by his son, Frederick Ruopp Jr.

Over the years, Chelsea’s reputation for steady leadership and extensive industry experience has attracted assets from insurance companies, endowment funds, pension and profit-sharing plans, and charitable organizations, in addition to high net worth individuals.

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