Independent Thinking and Analysis

Independent thought and analysis help to distinguish Chelsea from other financial management firms. Our research and investment committee is comprised of our top managers, augmented by respected outside professionals. To enhance our own in-depth research, strategic thinking, and analysis, we subscribe to trusted industry sources for information, data and tracking.

Client-Focused Portfolio Management

Chelsea is in regular communication with our clients regarding their investments. Portfolios are customized to the individual client’s investment risk profile, investment guidelines, and objectives—whether it is capital preservation, income, or capital appreciation. We also take into account tax, estate, compliance and ERISA issues for our clients. Through extensive direct discussions, goals and objectives based on each client’s particular circumstances are established and an investment portfolio aimed at achieving these objectives is created.

Each client has a dedicated Portfolio Manager who ensures that the Investment Committee’s decisions are implemented in the portfolio to additionally comport with client objectives.  These managers directly communicate, as needed, with the client. We develop a personal investment policy and create and manage a portfolio based on that policy.

Regular Monitoring

The Portfolio Managers regularly measure each client’s portfolio against their individual objectives, monitoring economic conditions, risk and performance and reevaluating each positions’ role in achieving the client’s individual objectives. We focus on market conditions, income tax efficiency, and performance measures relative to our clients’ objectives.

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